Financial Planning | MainStreet Investment Group

Our Financial Planning Process

1. Getting to know you

Each person has a reason for reaching out to us, but that reason is unique to everyone. In our initial meeting, it is important for us to get to know who you are; learning about what is important to you and what you are wanting to achieve, as well as allowing you to get to know us.

2. Outlinging your goals & dreams

In our second meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and visions; and the steps you have taken to this point to achieve them. You’ll receive a workbook to take home and outline this information in more detail.

3. Creating a plan

Once we have received your completed Financial Planning Workbook, we get to work developing your Financial Plan; creating a plan with a clear focus and objective is needed to help you reach your goals. Your Financial Plan will help align your investment strategy with your goals and risk tolerance, as well as analyze your insurance needs, help you make informed decisions on Social Security and pension options and help to create a tax-efficient retirement income plan.  At the end of this meeting, you will have a good understanding of where you are, and we’ll have outlined any steps or actions that would help you to better achieve your goals, along with a timeframe for implementation.

4. Implementing the plan 

Once we have a working Financial Plan in place, your Plan will be put into action and becomes a real part of your future; allowing you to see your goals and planning come to life.

5. Monitoring & review

Even the best laid plans rarely go according to plan.  Laws and tax rates change, markets evolve and the unexpected can happen. Any of these could bring about changes within your Financial Plan that would warrant modifications to our strategy and adjustments to your Plan. With regular, ongoing communication during our reviews, we can help ensure that your Plan remains on track.