Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process that can help you reach your goals by evaluating your whole financial picture. This process is ongoing; as your life situations change, we continue to update your financial plan annually.

The financial plan process is very much a combined effort between the advisor and the client.

  • We use a system for goal planning, asset allocation, insurance needs analysis, budgeting, retirement income planning, and basic estate planning.

  • We will sit down together and review an in-depth questionnaire for you to complete. We are available for any questions or explanations that you may need during this process.

  • When we receive your information, we will build your financial plan draft. Depending on your circumstances, we may need to meet a few times to tweak the plan to be sure that all life situations are addressed.

  • Once your final draft is complete, we will continue to meet and review the plan annually.