Medicare Enrollment Information | MainStreet Investment Group

As a courtesy to our clients who are approaching their 65th birthday, we have put together a few pieces of information that we thought may be helpful for you as you make the transition to Medicare.

Below you will find:

I.  Preparing for Medicare Enrollment

II.  A Fact Sheet for Medicare

III. What Does Medicare Part A Insurance Cover?

IV. What Does Medicare Part B Insurance Cover?

V.  What Does Medicare Part C Insurance (i.e. Medicare Advantage) Cover?

VI. What Does Medicare Part D Insurance Cover

MainStreet Investment Group LLC will not be able to advise you on your health care decisions, but by giving you this summary on Medicare, you can properly plan for the decisions you will need to make when your enrollment time comes.

We hope the information below will give you guidance as you research your options and choices.  If you would like more information, please visit Medicare’s website