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Our Investment Process
Our philosophy is that the road to wealth management is based upon knowing one’s own desired destination and developing a plan and process to help stay the course. Our success depends upon helping create such a plan for our clients. In the dynamic and rapidly changing world of investment management, communication and service are critical to account performance and client satisfaction. Our investment philosophy is founded on the highest standards of professionalism, ethical conduct, and accountability.

A well-developed investment plan is key to building a strong partnership. Our investment management consulting process is created, implemented, and monitored through these six steps:

  1. Personal Interview
    A personal interview is conducted to enable us to understand your financial needs and expectations. We will gather information to identify your current financial situation and investment goals based on your own unique values.
  2. Client Needs Assessment
    Developing an appropriate portfolio is determined by your attitudes toward risk, investment objectives, and time horizon. The assessment includes:
    • Investment risk
    • Emotional risk
    • Financial risk
    • Return objectives
    • Risk verses return relationship
    • Financial needs
    • Time horizon
  3. Investment Policy Statement
    The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a written document that outlines the goals for the portfolio and the guidelines to be followed to work toward those goals. It establishes a target rate of return, guidelines for risk, and acceptable asset mix. An asset allocation analysis accompanies the IPS and clearly defines the structure of the portfolio.
  4. Presentation of Your Plan
    We will review your custom investment plan with you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and confirm our interpretation of your investment goals.
  5. Executing Your Plan
    We will execute the investment recommendation according to the approved plan.
  6. Monitoring Your Plan
    Once your plan is in place, monthly valuations and performance reports on your portfolio are provided. You will have the opportunity to meet with us to review your accounts, reassess your objectives, and adjust the allocation based on technical analysis through a risk management plan. These potential adjustments are driven by economic, technical, and fundamental changes. You will receive a complete tax summary that outlines every transaction gain or loss and identifies all income and dividends.