Meet our Tomahawk, WI Team | MainStreet Investment Group

Meet our Tomahawk, WI Team | MainStreet Investment Group

Randy Plantenberg

Wealth Advisor, Tomahawk Office

About Randy

Randy has been managing client portfolios for over 35 years.  His dedication to his clients starts with a thorough understanding of their goals, values and tolerance for risk.  Randy believes in a proactive approach when managing his client’s assets; he not only studies the markets to know when to be fully invested, but he more importantly knows when it’s necessary to reduce exposure to risk in the markets. Randy’s ongoing priority is to create a level of performance and service that exceed client expectations, while always keeping his client’s best interest at heart.


Q: What is your favorite part of your role as an advisor?

A:  There are several aspects of my role as advisor I really enjoy.  Interactions with clients is by far my favorite.  I like meeting with clients and learning what has transpired in their lives since we last spoke.  Hearing where a client’s children and grandchildren are at and learning of their accomplishments is a great part of our annual meetings.  Also hearing how a client is enjoying their financial freedom is gratifying.  I started this career as I was intrigued by the business.  The financial world is incredibly complex and vast in nature.  I wanted to take it all in.  I was blessed to have an incredible mentor early on who not only taught me the foundational knowledge I’d need to be successful but also the people side which is critical.  I learned early on how rewarding it is to guide people along their life journey to financial success.  I knew I wanted to continue to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.  I enjoy being a key player in client’s financial decisions.  My goal is to be someone clients can turn to ensure a big purchase won’t take them off course, and as an investment advisor, I always have their best interest front and center.  Talking with clients I have worked with for years who I have helped allows me to see how they are living out their dreams and goals.  It is quite impactful knowing I played a small part in this.    

Q: What is your approach to managing client’s money?

A: I believe in proactive investment management.  One can do more harm than good to be reactive or to try to put protections in play after a market event.  Doing the necessary fundamental and technical analysis along the way allows us to see repeatable chart patterns to give a clearer indication of a breakdown.  I do not move in and out of the market without understanding the technical analysis I continuously do.  I take a proactive management approach which means at times there is a definite need to be defensive.  Clients who are living in retirement or are nearing retirement must realize the amount of money they have has to last a very long time.  Depending on the market and what our technical analysis is telling us our best positioning may mean not being fully invested for a period of time.  I always consider my clients’ goals. I will work to get the best possible return given the amount of risk a client can withstand. 

Q: What are three words you’d use to describe yourself?

A: Caring, Trustworthy and Loyal.  I truly care deeply about each of my clients.  Everyone has their own unique situation which requires an individual approach to helping them achieve their goals.  There is no room for a cookie cutter approach when working with an individual’s financial plan.  I take the time to learn about my clients so I can truly understand what it is they are trying to achieve.  The plan we create is individualized to their goals, tolerance for risk and timeframe.  I feel it is critical to get to know each person on a deep level that allows me to effectively guide them.

When talking about money, a person really needs to be comfortable with the advisor they select to help them along their journey.  Trust and loyalty are paramount in this relationship.  When choosing to work with me, my clients can feel comfortable knowing they have chosen someone they can trust with their dreams and their investments.  My goal is to help each person feel confident that I have their best interests at heart and will work on their behalf to help them achieve their financial goals.  Their goals and dreams become my goals and dreams.  I want and need clients to trust that the recommendations and moves I make are in their best interest.  I am transparent in all ways from the annual review to fees charged.  I give independent advice and clients know exactly what they will be charged for my services and know I cover all trade costs. 

Q: Finish this sentence, On Saturday mornings you can usually find me….

A: People may find this interesting but on Saturday mornings you can usually find me on my laptop looking at the technicals of the market from the previous week.  I am constantly doing research to ensure I stay on-top of anything that arose the day and week before.  It is easy for me to get lost for hours!  This is a perfect example of someone’s work is also their hobby. 

I do have some additional hobbies.  I enjoy watching wildlife and nature.  Some of my favorite times are hiking through uninhabited areas of Arizona.  This allows me time to rejuvenate and recharge my batteries.  I am also able to take quiet time to appreciate nature and the beauty around us that we so often take for granted.  My newest undertaking will allow me to capture some of these moments through the lens of a camera.  I am excited to dive into the fascinating world of photography and all that it will teach me. 

Q: What are some causes you care about?

A: I truly care about giving back.  I am active in my community and I encourage our staff to be as well.  I try to financially support causes that are not only important to me but also to my clients.  I believe it is important to share my knowledge and experience with those who may follow in my footsteps in the role of an advisor.  I had an amazing mentor right out of school who I truly benefited from throughout my career.  I’d like to be that person to someone looking to take on this role. 

I believe we must find ways to be more fiscally responsible for our children and grandchildren.  I truly feel it is our responsibility to leave this world a little better than what we found it for future generations. 


  • Wealth Advisor with Commonwealth Financial Network

  • Recognized as a Summit Club Advisor for 2020


Randy Plantenberg is proud to have been recognized as a Summit Club advisor for 2020—a distinction based on annual production that places him among the top 20 percent of advisors affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network. 


Sara Olsen

Wealth Management Associate, Tomahawk Office

About Sara

Sara joined MainStreet Investment Group in August 2014.  In her role as Wealth Management Associate, Sara provides an array of services including implementation and maintenance of Financial Plans, monitoring asset allocations, research and helping our clients with any needs or questions that may arise.  Sara offers this support to our clients centered on the principals of integrity, superior client service and ethical business practices.  Her passion for honesty, hard work, respect, and consistent and thorough communication creates a very comfortable working relationship with our clients.

Prior to joining MainStreet Investment Group, Sara worked at Fox Networks in Los Angeles, California.  Sara made the decision to relocate back home to Tomahawk, where she and her husband, Steve, now reside with their son, Bodie, who is an active ten-year-old involved in baseball, basketball, wrestling, waterskiing and master Lego building.


Q:  What do you enjoy most about your work?

A:  The absolute best part of my work is the people with whom I work, both colleagues and clients.  I also love that in my financial planning role, I am involved in the process of helping our clients achieve their retirement dreams.

Q:  What prompted you to move from Los Angeles, California to Tomahawk, Wisconsin?

A:  This is the question I’m most frequently asked.  I grew up in Tomahawk, and many of my and Steve’s vacations brought us here to visit family and friends.  Steve was born and raised in Los Angeles and fell in love with Northern Wisconsin and all it has to offer after his first visit.  Once Bodie was born, we decided we were ready for a change and we decided to relocate.  For me, this was a homecoming.  Since arriving, we realize even more just how amazing our community is.  Having lived away for so many years, I have newfound appreciation for all that Tomahawk has to offer and for the truly wonderful people in our community.

Q:  Where can we find you when you’re not working?

A:  Well, it all depends on the season…  During our glorious summer months, you’re most likely to find me out with my family on our Mastercraft.  Waterskiing wasn’t really a hobby of ours until we moved to Wisconsin, now we get out on the water as often as we can.  In fact, Bodie has even joined the Kwahamot Waterski Team.  During the fall months (or what I call football season), you’ll find me rooting for the green and gold – Go Pack Go!  Once winter arrives, you’ll either find me at home enjoying a good book and nice fire or out braving the cold on the trails with Steve, exploring new destinations on our snowmobiles.  Occasionally, Steve may even get me out onto the ice for some fishing (which for me really means playing games and knitting inside the ice shack).

Q:  Bucket list vacation destination?

A:  I love to travel, and have visited 37 of our great 50 states plus the District of Columbia, so I would like to complete that list with the remaining 13 states.  I also have not traveled much internationally, and there are many countries in Europe I would love to experience. 


Sara holds her FINRA Series 7 and 66 securities registrations *

  *Registrations are held through Commonwealth Financial Network®


Kristin Ierulli

Operations Manager, Tomahawk Office

About Kristin

Kristin joined MainStreet Investment Group as the Operations Manager in September 2015.  Prior to joining the team, she worked for Edward Jones as a branch office administrator for seven years.  Kristin’s current responsibilities include scheduling appointments, administrative client inquiries, processing account transfers, and managing the day-to-day activities of a busy office.  It is Kristin’s voice that clients will most likely hear when calling the Tomahawk office. 


Q:  Who has had the biggest impact on your life and how have they influenced you?

A:  My dad has had the greatest impact on my life when it comes to finances.  As a child, he introduced me to saving and investing and remains a well-known penny pincher in my hometown of Quincy, Illinois.  His influence has shown me the importance of living within my means and saving for retirement.  I will admit when, I was younger, I didn’t always appreciate his unsolicited advice, but saw the benefits and quickly learned to change my behavior (I really didn’t need all those cute shoes!).  I am truly appreciative of his “life lessons”.  Thank you, dad!

Q:  Where can we find you when you’re not in the office?

A:  You can find me with any of my children!  I have three great kids!  Vic recently received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech and lives in Houghton, Michigan.  Elizabeth attends UW-Madison and is majoring in Political Science and History with plans to attend law school.  Anthony is a junior at Tomahawk High School and is involved in many sports with hockey being his favorite; go Tomahawk Hatchets! 

I also love being outdoors as much as possible!  I try to walk my Golden Retriever, Bo, every day. Some of my favorite activities and places to go in Northern Wisconsin are; hiking in Bradley Park with Bo, snowshoeing at the Underdown Recreation Area near Merrill, kayaking at home on Muskellunge Lake, and biking the paved trails in Boulder Junction (I love the stretch along Trout Lake!).  Recently, I have taken up cross-country skiing and enjoy the groomed trails in the area.  I’m not the best cross-country skier, in fact I’m horrible, however, it’s a great feeling to go out and try something new in the Northwoods! 

Q:  What do you enjoy most about your work?

A:  I am so grateful to be a part of the MainStreet team where our goal is always focused on providing clients with exceptional service.  Everyone has their own responsibilities; however, we all work together with the same objective in mind.  I truly enjoy working with each of our clients.  It is my commitment to deliver the friendly and reliable assistance they deserve. 

Q:  Who is your business hero?

A:  My business hero is Bethenny Frankel.  I admire her energy, hustle and determination.  She has had many personal obstacles in life, as most of us do, however, has overcome them with much success.  Of course, there have been failures along the way, but she keeps moving forward and doesn’t give up.  I aspire to be as determined! 


Truman State University (formerly Northeast Missouri State University) – B.S. Biology

Susan Garrison

Marketing/Client Relations, Tomahawk Office

About Susan

Susan joined MainStreet Investment Group in 2005 as our Client Service Associate.  In her current role as our Marketing/Client Relations Liaison, Susan is responsible for radio and print communications with the public, ensuring our offices uphold their compliance with industry mandates, maintaining our website and assisting with client service requests.  Susan’s positive outlook and strong work ethic shows in all that she does.

Susan’s prior experiences include her work in the marketing department at Figis’ Inc., located in Marshfield, WI, where she concentrated on forecasting product sales from newspaper advertisements.  Upon relocating to Tomahawk, she switched gears and worked out of the Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) Paper Mill for Tenneco Inc. as a transportation administrator, maintaining rail car rates and routes for four of PCA’s paper mills located in Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee and Georgia.


Q:  What do you enjoy most about your work in the Tomahawk office?

A:  I really enjoy working as a team within our office to create the best experience possible for our clients. Each client brings unique circumstances, which keeps us engaged and eager to meet their specific needs. We work hard and concentrate on the details of our job responsibilities; however, we find time to laugh, have an occasional lunch together, and volunteer in the community as a team.

Q:  What are your hobbies outside the office?

A:  I enjoy several activities including walking our black lab Elli, gardening, cooking, helping my 86-year-old mother, snowmobiling and volunteering at church and the community.  Some of my favorite days are spent with my husband Ron and our two daughters, who have recently graduated from college and are starting their own careers, thankfully still in Wisconsin. I cherish the weekends I can visit them or when they can come home for a visit to waterski, snowmobile, pheasant hunt or just hang out with their favorite 4-legged sister, Elli! 


University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire – B.B.A. Marketing

Lollie Plantenberg

Client Relations Assistant, Tomahawk Office

About Lollie

Lollie joined MainStreet Investment Group in 2015.  She is responsible for several behind the scenes, but important, tasks including payroll, and accounts payable.  Lollie is instrumental in coordinating team outings and volunteering events the office enjoys.  She currently occupies the “back office” and jokes about her “back office” responsibilities!  Prior to joining MainStreet, Lollie owned and managed her own business, Medical Practice Solutions.  The knowledge and experience she brings to the office make her a valuable member who contributes in a variety of ways.  Her willingness to pitch in wherever assistance is needed helps the entire operation run that much more smoothly. 

Lollie and Randy have been married since 1984. Randy often tells people “the more shoes on our rug the happier Lollie is.”  Together they have a beautiful family that brings them more joy than ever thought possible. 


Q: What do you enjoy most about your work?

A: Relationships-hands down.  The thing that I enjoy most about my work is the interaction with people.  I value my connection with our team and clients and feel that it’s crucial to work continually on strengthening these relationships.  

Q: Where can we find you when you’re not working?

A: If I’m not spending time with family or friends, I am most likely hiking a trail. I have had many amazing opportunities to see much of our beautiful country while wearing my Danner boots on the trail.  I’m excited to continue adding to my list of locations explored.

Maggie and Lucy

MainStreet Mascots, Tomahawk Office

Maggie joined MainStreet in 2013 with the addition of her little sister Lucy in 2014.  Randy and Lollie’s pets bring a lot of joy to our office with their tails wagging as they go from office to office to get their ears scratched and their occasional bursts of energy with their toys. The doggies delight in greeting our clients when they arrive with the opportunity for extra petting sessions.  Maggie and Lucy aren’t always in the office, but visit from time to time and enjoy their naps on Randy’s couch whenever they can.